Digital Marketing Boot Camp


Digital Marketing Boot Camp NY   is Upstate New York’s annual digital marketing educational event led by industry experts. 

The Digital Marketing Boot Camps have been generating leads and spreading brand awareness for Advance Media New York for five years. My involvement in the event is summarized below:

  • Developed the branding guidelines for the event
  • Designed the event logo and icon
  • Designed/developed the landing page for the event
  • Created an email blast template
  • Designed and shared event collateral
  • Developed the promotional hype video 
  • Created all the event signage
  • Designed and printed all the event programs
  • Utilized organic and paid social media to promote the event
  • Strategized, designed and managed the entire marketing campaign
  • Put together the entire agenda for the event and nailed down all the speakers
  • Duplicated all event items and produced the same event in Worcester, MA and Albany, NY

Logo Design

Event Landing Page

Digital Display Ads

Print Ad Design

Email Blast Design

Promotional Video

Sponsored Content

Event Program

Event Photos