The Post-Standard

Summary was looking to increase it’s morning newsletter subscribers list. The list had only 5,100 subscribers and the goal was to reach 30,000.

I led a $100K marketing campaign which led to the growth of the Good Morning CNY newsletter list. We ended up reaching 35K newsletter subscribers by the campaign. Below was my involvement :

  • Strategized the marketing plan for the campaign
  • Designed three sets of print ads and five sets of digital ads 
  • Optimized the digital as based on performance
  • Developed email blasts
  • Developed social media campaign assets
  • Created videos to promote the newsletter
  • Came up with four different sweepstakes for incentivizing subscribers
  • Designed creative assets that supported the incentives
  • Set up all the contests and worked with attorneys on the rules

Print Ads

Digital Display Ads

Paid Social Media

Video Marketing

Email Marketing


In preparation for announcing a subscription based website experience, wanted to showcase the difference its journalism has brought to the community.

After collaborating with a team or marketers, we came up with the campaign concept ‘We ask the questions’. This campaign. I led the campaign efforts and below is a summary of the work:

  • Designed 15 different print ads that represented 15 impactful stories
  • Developed digital display ads that supported the campaign
  • Strategized and developed social media assets for the campaign
  • Created an email blast sent that was sent to our print subscribers
  • Developed a vertical video that was showcased in the atrium of the Syracuse mall

Print Ad Design

Paid Social Media

Digital Ads

Video in Mall Atrium

Email Marketing

Summary is the #1 newspaper website in the USA. The Post-Standard is #2 in Sunday Newspaper Market Penetration in the USA. 

For the sixth year in row, and The Post-Standard were in the top five nationally for readership based on market penetration.

  • Developed print ads speaking to the rankings
  • Designed and ordered stickers for employees computers
  • Created window signage and worked with a vendor on installation
  • Designed graphics for our monitors in the office for the rankings
  • Coordinated a group photo for a social media campaign

Print Ad Design

Social Media

Office Monitors

Computer Decals