Have you ever heard the term design sells?

In a crowded market, good design can make the difference between a business or product succeeding or failing. But why is that? It’s because good designs solve problems or influence people to take some kind of action. Have you ever been at the grocery store and were debating between two products at a similar price point but didn’t know which one to get? My guess is you chose the product with the better packaging design (at least I would have).

Evidence that design sells

There is proof that businesses who focus on design beat out their competition. According to The Design Council, they did a design study on the portfolios of 63 companies that traded on the Financial Times Stock Exchange over the course of ten years. They found that the companies who put an emphasis on good design outperformed those that didn’t and at a significant level (by at least 200%).

It may come as no surprise that websites that aren’t designed well tend to lose visitors immediately. According to CrazyEgg.com, a website has less than 15 seconds to capture a user’s interest before leaving. People don’t want to use a website that they feel isn’t trustworthy. It’s important that users have a good first impression of your website. Focus on the design and create a voice for your brand that sticks with your target audience.

Design can make your brand unforgettable

According to former design great Paul Rand, “design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

Every business wants customers to think of them first. Design has the ability to make a brand unforgettable. It’s the element that can separate you from the competition. Think of Apple. Some people would say that Steve Jobs made design a higher priority than technology. His love of simplicity basically started a design revolution. From packaging design, to commercials all the way to user interfaces, the synergy of their designs makes their brand unforgettable. Since design has been a priority for Apple, it has made consumers covet their products more than the competition. If you did a focus group and asked everyone for a company that comes to mind when discussing good design, my guess is someone would say Apple.

What you can do

In order to get your business noticed, start thinking about the power design and how you can use it to attract your target audience. By simply shifting some of your focus to design, you can impact the bottom line of business and build trust. Does your company lack a design team? If so, you can get the creative assistance needed from a full-service agency that will help you bring your brand to life.

Now is your chance to stand out from the competition and grow your business.